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    The International Cluttering Association defines cluttering as “…a fluency disorder characterized by a rate that is perceived to be abnormally rapid, irregular or both for the speaker. These rate abnormalities further are manifest in one or more of the following symptoms: an excessive number of disfluencies, the majority of which are not typical of people who stutter; the frequent placement of pauses and use of prosodic patterns that do not conform to syntactic and semantic constraints; and inappropriate (usually excessive) degrees of coarticulation among sounds, especially in multisyllabic words. ”

    When speech comes out in rapid bursts, when syllables are sometimes omitted, when the timing of speech is irregular and your child seems unaware of this speech pattern, your child may need to be assessed for cluttering.

    At West Coast Stuttering Center, I work with people of all ages, who experience the symptoms of cluttering.

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