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    One of our most basic human needs is to connect and communicate. My mission at San Francisco Speech and Fluency Center is to provide speech therapy that supports you or your child in meeting this need with dignity and confidence. From childhood through adulthood, I focus on helping individuals to share their words without fear or anxiety, whether it’s addressing stuttering, articulation, or other speech disorders. My overarching treatment goal is for you to feel understood and to freely engage with the world around you, using words as the building block to an abundant, connected and happy life.

    I approach speech therapy by making every effort to build on your unique strengths as the foundation to addressing your unique communication needs.  For adults, this can include community-based interactive therapy for stuttering or supportive group environments where we can also address the negative thoughts and feelings associated with stuttering or other speech disorders. For children, this may include working with and supporting parents in their journey with their child’s stuttering or towards improving articulation skills.

    Whatever stops you or your child from being able to communicate with confidence, I am here to support you in overcoming those hurdles. Some challenges can be intimidating, but together, we can vanquish fears and achieve great heights.