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    COVID-19 Therapy Update:

    During the current health pandemic all services are being conducted online, using secure, HIPAA compliant teleconferencing platforms.  Sessions are available for individuals of all ages, individually or in small groups.  Bailey is licensed in California and Virginia and can work clients residing in either state.


    Here at San Francisco Speech and Fluency Center, my focus is to remove the myths, stigma and shame that surround stuttering. I believe in the right of all individuals to be treated with respect and dignity, and I am a strong advocate for all individuals who stutter…


    The International Cluttering Association defines cluttering as “…a fluency disorder characterized by a rate that is perceived to be abnormally rapid, irregular or both for the speaker. These rate abnormalities further are manifest in one or more of the following symptoms…

    Articulation and Phonology

    Every parent delights in their child’s first words and marvels as children begin to communicate through spoken language. By the age of 4 children should be approximately 100% intelligible to most unfamiliar listeners. It can be challenging for both parent and child…


    Here at San Francisco Speech and Fluency Center, it’s all about supporting you in the way that works best for you. Through the use of online video conference, we can maximize your therapy time without the added hassle of driving and parking.