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    Here at San Francisco Speech and Fluency Center, my focus is to remove the myths, stigma and shame that surround stuttering. I believe in the right of all individuals to be treated with respect and dignity, and I am a strong advocate for all individuals who stutter.

    Did you know that 1% of all individuals stutter?

    If you stutter or hesitate when you speak, if you have bumps in your speech or find yourself getting stuck on certain sounds, know that you are not alone. Stuttering can be a challenge that affects our self-confidence and our ability to accomplish our goals. My mission is to help restore your belief in your abilities and to help you communicate with confidence.

    I have experience treating stuttering in all populations including Preschool, School age, Adolescents and Teens & Adults.  As a person who stutters, I have deep knowledge of the many complex components of stuttering treatment that is unique among practicing speech and language pathologists in the San Francisco Bay Area.