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  • West Coast Stuttering Center:
    Uniquely Tailored for People Who Stutter

    One of our most basic human needs is to connect and communicate. My mission at West Coast Stuttering Center is to provide speech therapy that supports you or your child in meeting this need with dignity and confidence.

    Speech Therapy Services Offered

    • Stuttering and Cluttering (aka fluency disorders) in children and adults
    • Articulation and Phonology Disorders (aka speech sound disorders)
    • Social Communication Disorders
    • Executive Functioning Skills (e.g. problem solving, organizing and planning)
    • Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders

    Therapeutic Approaches Include

    With adults and older children my therapeutic approach is heavily influenced by methods that increase your confidence as a communicator while learning to stutter more easily.  You are not broken.  You don’t need to be fixed.

    With preschool aged children, my approach focuses heavily on helping parents identify what they’re already doing (but may not be aware of) to support their child’s fluent speech.  I also focus on supporting healthy communication attitudes and resilience.

    • Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Stuttering (ARTS)
    • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
    • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping)
    • Palin Parent Child Interaction (PCI)
    • Lidcombe Program


    My speech has been more precise and more concise.

    Person Who Clutters / Tech company Product Manager

    I used to block myself from interactions because of the fear of it being a disaster, but I haven’t done that in awhile now.

    Person Who Clutters / Tech Company Product Manager
    Hey Bailey, My talk today went great! Thanks for all the support!
    Joel M.
    Person Who Stutters / PhD Student
    I stuttered confidently and beautifully (in front of 400 investors) throughout the demo day pitch on Tuesday.
    Start-up Co-Founder / Person Who Stutters
    “D’s transition to PreK went by seamlessly. She loves her new class, friends and teachers. She’s been talking a lot now and her speech is just fine. We haven’t notice her stammer in a while now! Thank you so much for your help with her! It would never have been possible to get this far without your guidance.”
    Parent of a Pre-School child
    I love watching you work! It’s great how you can turn any activity into a speech activity!
    Parent of 6.5 year old working on "S"
    [My son] really enjoys his time with [Bailey]! I’m so happy with my decision to work with [him].
    Parent of Preschool Aged Child
    Nothing has helped [our child] more this year than the genuine love and support you all provided […]. We are grateful to all of you for being such great teachers and we know that [our child] is grateful to call you all friends.
    Mr. Levis has come up with some great ideas that will make a huge difference in our son’s ability to communicate. He is by far the most caring and invested speech pathologist our son has had at school.
    What a fabulous role model [Bailey is], an example to all of us about how to face our personal challenges with grace [and] courage.